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Society has evolved and diversified; the way it is measured and understood hasn't. We're changing that.

Versiti builds on 20 years’ experience of working with minority ethnic and faith communities, LGBTQ people, young and older people, disabled people and others whose voices are rarely heard in research.

We came together through our work with Versiti’s sister company Further, where we pioneered tools and methods to conduct in-depth online qualitative research with greater speed, reach and scale.

The power of our approach to reach and engage diverse and often hard-to-reach audiences – combined with a strong social purpose to create a fairer, more vibrant society – has led us to create Versiti.

Our award-winning researchers, strategists and consultants thrive on tackling difficult challenges around sensitive subjects. We are well aware of the challenges in relation to diversity and inclusion. For each one of our clients, there is a lot at stake. So we work in close collaboration to understand the context and sensitivities around each brief. We aim to give our clients the confidence to go boldly where others have not, knowing they are in capable hands.

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Our way of working

We are driven by a sense of purpose, looking for every opportunity to make a difference.

Each brief is considered carefully. We have no set template or technology agenda to promote – we simply deploy the best research for each challenge or audience. We also think laterally, using the full breadth of our experience across sectors, briefs and equality strands to enrich our research designs, conclusions and recommendations.

We know that our findings are likely to disrupt and challenge the status quo – after all, that’s why we exist – so we probably work harder than anyone else to make them bullet proof. You can have full confidence in our evidence and insights.

In a field as complex as diversity and inclusion, we know that we don’t have all the answers. So we have an extensive network of diversity academics, practitioners, recruiters and researchers to draw on, as and when we think a brief calls for their input.

And finally, we know that powerful things happen when we do work which everyone feels proud and excited about.

Tools, techniques and methods

  • Individual interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Online research communities
  • Mobile ethnography
  • Audits and document reviews
  • Participant observation

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