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Mapping the state of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in the market research industry

The Brief

The market Research Society tasked Versiti with: 

– Mapping out the state of diversity, inclusion and equality across the market research sector;
– Identifying any differential impacts of COVID-19 on the data, research and insight sector;
– Providing a baseline to track future progress.

Our approach

A bespoke survey covering key aspects of DI&E in the market and social research industry.


The report highlights key issues for the sector as a whole, including the fact that the industry is not meritocratic; issues around pay parity; the impact of poor DI&E performance on staff retention and the push to become self-employed; the huge impact of COVID-19 on freelancers and those working in micro-businesses; and the fact that older, white, straight and non-disabled men, by and large, fail to recognise the pervasiveness of discrimination and its impacts on women and colleagues who belong to any visible minority groups. The study also identifies significant gains in relation to LGBTQ+ researchers as well as appetite for change, especially among younger researchers.

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Jan Gooding

President of the MRS

“What an outstanding report. Thank you. It makes tough reading but is a massive milestone on our journey. I feel hugely indebted to you.”

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