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Putting social justice and sustainability at the heart of innovation

The Brief

Nesta is the UK’s foremost innovation agency for social good. They are well aware the diversity drives innovation and that innovation can be used to reduce inequalities. The leadership team turned to Versiti to help them identify:


– where Nesta currently stands in relation to diversity, inclusion and equity
– where it wants to be
– what practical steps it could take to accelerate change


Our approach

We reviewed internal documents, surveyed the senior leadership team and led two workshops with the executive team to identify where Nesta could and should focus its work in order to ensure that innovation promotes equity.


Versiti’s work helped to centre social justice and inequalities at the heart of Nesta’s 10-year strategy. Nesta is now focussing all its energy and resources on three innovation missions that will have a disproportionate positive impact on the poorest and most vulnerable people: 


– a fairer start for every child
– a healthy life for all
– a sustainable future for people and the planet

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Dr Ksenia Zheltoukhova

Interim Executive Director, People and Performance


“Versiti led us through a critical time in our strategic review process. We needed support to embed DI&E into our future strategy and Versiti helped us to become more aware of where we were in our DI&E journey and where we wanted to get to. As a result, we were able to shape our future vision for DI&E and brought the leadership team along on the journey.”

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