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Helping a charity become more patient-centric and effective

The Brief

Prostate Cancer Research wanted to deepen their understanding of patient experiences at every stage of the patient journey, and to test a new online service (called Infopool), designed to empower people living with prostate cancer to make better-informed treatment decisions and improve their quality of life. 

Our approach

We recruited and engaged 44 prostate cancer patients in a two-week online research community designed to explore their experiences during the period of initial diagnosis when critical treatment decisions are made and when patients learn to live with the impacts of their cancer and treatment. Our research team also Infopool’s user experience across a range of dimensions.


Using our skills and expertise in this area, we made patients feel heard and their opinions valued. The insights and learnings are now changing the culture of the charity by increasing empathy, knowledge and confidence in engaging with people living with cancer.

The research confirmed the relevance and value of Infopool and suggested patient-led improvements that helped the charity secure funding to finalise the development of Infopool and take it to market.

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Oliver Kemp, CEO

Prostate Cancer Research

“This project has already made a big impact on Prostate Cancer Research. We have become more patient-centric and empathetic. We understand better the challenges patients face when they try to
find trustworthy, relevant cancer treatment information. The project enabled us to identify various patients needs, to devise tailored solutions and to be more successful whenever we apply for funding to address them. I know we will return to this work again and again and keep getting value from the insights gained by working with Versiti”

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