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Using consumer insights to drive innovation and raise more money for good causes

The Brief

Unicef was keen to develop a new fundraising product that would resonate with modern British families as they expected that they would have a strong affinity with their brand. They commissioned the team to understand the reality of life in diverse modern families to support their innovation work.

Our approach

We carefully selected parents and children from 33 families that are anything but traditional! We worked closely with same-sex parents, adoptive families, mixed-race families, multigenerational households, diaspora families, and others. We explored the lived reality of family life over the course of a week, surfaces a broad range of emotions and needs that Unicef could use to fire up their innovation.


The research generated deep insights about the joys and pains that affect all families. This led us to create six potential fundraising products which were then tested back for appeal with the families.

The work fed directly into the creation of Unicef’s most successful fundraiser ever – and the product is expected to keep on raising hundred of thousands of pounds for good work over the coming years.

Unicef won the Innovation in Fundraising Award 2020.

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Anand Modha

New Ventures Manager

Innovation Unicef

“Working with the team was a refreshing and eye-opening experience. We learned a significant amount about our audiences, insights which spoke to powerful emotions which we could help with. I’d thoroughly recommend Dr Marie-Claude Gervais. With her help, I was able to get some amazing insight from my target audience that helped us launch our most exciting products ever. Truly collaborative, with a really strong sense for insight. We went on to win several internal and external innovation awards, including the Award for Innovation in Fundraising by the Institute of Fundraising.”

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