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Involving employees in co-creating fairer, more inclusive and happier workplaces

The Brief

To understand the barriers to the recruitment and career progression of women in the sports industry, and to involve women in co-creating solutions to improve retention, progression, pay parity and workplace experiences.

Our approach

In close partnership with Women in Sport, we created a unique six-month-long online community of 69 diverse women from 52 sports organisations across the UK to help understand issues and co-create solutions. Versiti designed the research activities, while Women in Sport managed the recruitment and the online facilitation.


The project generated deep insights into the day-to-day challenges women face at work (including subtle but repeated micro-aggression, pressure to conform, assumptions and stereotypes, and unconscious biases); how an emphasis on sporting competence as a measure of professional value limits opportunities for capable women with relevant skills; authentic stories of women’s struggles; structural insufficiencies to give women a voice; the critical role of men and allies in creating opportunities for all. 

The project enabled Women in Sport to develop resources, training, communications and fed into the other workstreams around measuring workplace cultures. It also created an enduring women’s network to drive change for those seeking to progress in the sport sector. Post COVID-19, a substantial programme of work is in the pipeline to drive inclusion and gender equality across the entire sports sector. 

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