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Creating products and services for diverse audiences

"I'm missing out on opportunities to create products and services for diverse audiences"

Given the growing size, assertiveness and purchasing power of most minority groups, if you are not specifically looking into the needs of diverse audiences, you are almost certainly missing out on opportunities.

People who are typically regarded as ‘hard-to-reach’ are rarely involved in research and co-creation. Yet, they may have quite different needs and wants from mainstream groups. Importantly, because they are so seldom heard, evidence shows that diverse audiences are more loyal and stronger advocates for the brands and organisations that do include them.

Versiti’s knowledge of diversity and inclusion builds on more than 20 years of market and social research. Our team has identified opportunities, helped co-create and develop new products and services for FMCG, health and beauty, arts and culture, and financial services brands, among others. Our understanding of the life circumstances and experiences of diverse groups is unparalleled. We have sophisticated research tools and processes to help you understand lifestyles, cultures, needs and wants, and to spot opportunities. We can iterate quickly: generating, testing and refining ideas with new audiences.

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