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Being more innovative and able to respond faster

"I need to speed up and enhance our innovation capability"

Given the growing size, assertiveness and purchasing power of most minority groups, focusing on diversity and inclusion is a good place to start in order to enhance your innovation capability.

Innovation can also be actively stimulated through research with new audiences: people who are typically regarded as ‘hard-to-reach’, who are rarely involved in research and co-creation, and may have quite different needs and wants from mainstream groups.

Versiti’s knowledge of diversity and inclusion builds on more than 20 years of market and social research. Our team has enhanced the innovation capacity of FMCG, health and beauty, arts and culture, and financial services brands, among others. Our understanding of the life circumstances and experiences of diverse groups is unparalleled. We have sophisticated research tools and processes to help you understand lifestyles, cultures, needs and wants, and to spot opportunities. But we are agile and can iterate quickly: generating, testing and refining ideas with new audiences at the speed of business.

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