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"I need evidence, support and best practice to create a more inclusive, innovative and diverse workplace"

You may have read the stats on the impact of diversity on profitability: for every 1% rise in the rate of diversity, there is an associated increase in sales revenue of between 3% and 9%; ethnically diverse companies are 30% more likely to have financial returns above their national industry median; organisations with a critical mass of women in their senior management teams have higher average scores on measures of organisational excellence than teams with no women, and so on. But diversifying a workforce and creating a genuinely inclusive culture is easier said than done. It takes some conscious effort and a strategic approach.

Versiti can help you gather the evidence needed to develop your diversity and inclusion strategy, policies and practices. We can conduct in-depth qualitative research with potential, current or former employees from diverse backgrounds to identify your priorities and co-create solutions. We do not do recruitment. We do not do training. We simply use evidence to help you determine the best approach to make your organisation more inclusive, productive and successful.

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