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"My audience is dwindling and revenues are not as good as they used to be"

The reasons for dwindling audiences and poorer financial performance can be many, not all of which are within your immediate control. But tapping into the opportunities opened up by diversity might help.

In the UK, there are some estimates of the spending power of diverse groups:

  • Ethnic minority consumers: £300 billion
  • Muslim consumers: £21 billion
  • LGBT consumers: £6 billion
  • Older consumers: £320 billion
  • Women consumers: they control 70% to 80% of all purchases…

Let us help you access new and diverse audiences that will drive market share and revenue, enabling you to improve your position over time. We will collaborate closely with you, identifying areas we can target for improvement. We will help you and your team to engage with wider audiences, driving new revenue streams at every stage.

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