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What we do

We help businesses and organisations develop success strategies in equality, diversity and inclusion

Our Solutions

Drawing on 20 years’ of research and strategic consultancy around diversity, equality and inclusion, we help our clients navigate this complex field with confidence.

Our work spans brands, businesses, charities and government and topics as varied as cultural insights, branding, communications and inequalities.

We use our expertise to help shape the briefs, tailor research designs for each target audience, build trust and create empathy with participants in order to reveal the deeper truths that ensure you make the right decisions.

Connect with the right audiences in the right place

Understand how people from diverse groups use and interact with your products and services

Understand how diversity can affect shopping decisions

Create services that are fully inclusive and user-centred

Define new segments and understand nuances within diverse groups

Develop new products and services to meet diverse needs

Develop a nuanced understanding of how diverse customers experience your organisation

Truly understand the needs and wants of diverse audiences

Draw on rich insights to create successful behaviour change

Understand the experiences and unmet needs of diverse groups to address inequalities

Create a deep, positive and lasting connection with new audiences

Test your campaigns and concepts to increase their relevance, appeal and impact

Future-proof your organisation by being more inclusive, fair and innovative

Discover cultural insights to understand what drives peoples’ behaviour, and why

Understand how diverse audiences perceive your brand and increase affinity

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