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What we doAdvertising & communications testing

Test your campaigns and concepts to increase their relevance, appeal and impact

Advertising and communications testing

What makes a campaign successful? There is no magic formula to guarantee your campaigns will appeal to all people. This is never truer than when dealing with people from different minority groups. You can, however, understand what motivates people, discover cultural preferences and unearth political sensitivities that are often rooted in a long history.

Through communications testing, you can test campaigns with specific audiences and learn why some communications might fall flat, risk serious unintended offense or unlock a whole new market ahead of rolling out a full media plan.

You can also find out which media is (social or traditional, British or foreign, mainstream or niche) consumed to ensure your campaigns reach their audiences.

Why not seek our opinion based on 20 years working with diverse groups, prior to committing to your planned communications testing strategy? Talk to us about diversity-proofing your campaigns.

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