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What we doBehaviour change

Draw on rich insights to create successful behaviour change

Behaviour change

To bring about any change in behaviour, you need to understand why people are currently doing what they are doing. What alternatives are they considering? What barriers stand in the way of them adopting the new behaviour? What might increase their motivations to do so?

All these factors depend on peoples’ cultural backgrounds and identities, as well as on their access to economic, political and social capital.

Versiti has a sophisticated understanding of these issues as well as detailed knowledge of the life circumstances and challenges of people from diverse groups. We use this to establish what would be the most successful behaviour inclusion strategies for our clients.

Our skills have been honed through working with government, brands and charities, developing campaigns that persuaded diverse people to quit smoking, examine their breasts, recycle waste, practice safe sex, switch to digital services and give to charity.

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