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What we doBrand insight

Understand how diverse audiences perceive your brand and increase affinity

Society is changing faster than ever. One in 6 UK residents come from a minority ethnic group. Increasing numbers of LGBTQ people are willing to be recognised as such. There are some 7 million disabled people in the UK. Our population is ageing and young people are wanting a louder voice. Yet many brands still haven’t understood the implications and potential for their business. This is an opportunity for you.

You can position and communicate your brand so it is more inclusive and appealing to audiences out of the mainstream. In order to do so, you first need to understand brand affinities and perceptions amongst diverse groups. Is your brand one people actually care about, as opposed to simply transact with? Could you attract more people to your brand or create long-term loyalty?

With 20 years experience in helping improve brand insight and navigate diversity, we can help you better understand the attitudes, motivations, behaviours, opinions and rituals of new social groups. We can also help you put inclusive thinking at the heart of your product and service design decisions, to appeal to a wider market.

Talk to us about your challenges around brand insight and diversity and see how we can help you design research that will deliver robust and genuine insights.

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