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What we doUser research

Understand how people from diverse groups use and interact with your products and services through user experience research

User research

Products, services and policy should be designed to be fully inclusive for all potential users. To do that you need to fully understand audiences that come from diverse backgrounds.

How these audiences think, feel and react can be hard to discover using standard research practices but Versiti has the experience, methodologies, technology and strategic expertise to help you.

Our user experience research team has a suite of online and offline techniques and tools to help you understand how people from diverse groups will use and interact with your planned output.

We can help you survey, quantify and qualify behavioural attitudes, cultural differences and acceptance that can affect services and policies.

We also help measure potential acceptance of inclusive policies and give strategic recommendations when challenges are encountered.

If you have products designed for use by diverse communities we can help you calculate potential market size and acceptance with qualitative and quantitative research which we believe will give you greater insight than is available anywhere else.

Talk to Versiti about developing a user experience strategy. We can help with understanding the needs and desires for products, services and policy you are planning or need to align better with user’s expectations.

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